Morley Cliff Burton Fuzz Box - En Stock

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Nothin’ But Fuzz – The Fuzz side of the Cliff Burton PowerFuzz Wah pedal as a stomp box.

Tailor Your Fuzz Tone – Intensity, Tone & Level controls.

Vintage or Modern – Easy switching between Vintage and Modern Fuzz types with dedicated footswitch.

Feed it Anything – Designed for bass, but also works great for guitars, keys, etc.

Built to Last – Road-worthy, cold-rolled steel housing.

Visual Feedback – Two LEDs make it easy to see on/off and Fuzz type status even on the darkest stage.

Power – Morley 9V 300mA adapter or 9V battery.

Easy Battery Access – No tools needed with the Quick Clip battery door.

Dimensions – 6.63¿ (L) / 4.38¿ (W) / 2¿ (H)

Current Draw – 12 mA

1 Year Warranty – Please keep your purchase receipt.

Burton Approval – Approved by Cliff’s father Ray Burton.